Regular visit to ensure social compliance in the factories:

New Establishment / Factory Membership Audit

For ensuring total compliance at enterprise level, the factory is assessed by senior experts on basic Social compliance, Fire, Electrical, Building Safety, legal workers’ rights. The Factory is given license after thoroughly scrutinizing the mentioned issues and upon findings that the factory goes by the regulations.

Social Compliance Development Audit under Social Compliance  Factory Monitoring Program

To sustain in international competiveness & international market demand, BKMEA, as a regulator, has been running different activities for its member factories. To meet the international standards, BKMEA always is in effort to improve its member’s social compliance status. BKMEA runs a Social Compliance development Audit under the Social Compliance Monitoring Program.

From the very Beginning of this program, BKMEA used to evaluate the factory social compliance norms by a four color grade (Grade A- Green, Grade B- Yellow, Grade C-Orange and Grade D- Red) check list.

Till now the color grade exists, but now the entire factory is evaluated by a hundred (100) marks checklist with an Eighty Three (83) questionnaires covered by different  compliance segments like – Employment Related issues, Wages & Benefits, Working Hours, Leave & Holydays, Welfare, Maternity Benefits, Health & Safety Issues, Fire Safety, Industrial Relation, Environmental Issues etc.

Under this development program a factory is audited through three phases:

  • 1st preliminary visit: Checking out the factory status and offer suggestive development formula.
  • 2nd Follow-up visit: Investigating development status and new corrective measures.
  • 3rd Final visit:  Checking up on whether the factory has matured into an international standard compliant factory.

Continual bi-annual visit: Once the factory is upgraded into compliant one, BKMEA still continues visiting the factory twice in a year to oversee whether any flaws can be found out. If found, BKMEA compliance team takes into account the seriousness of the problem existing and suggest corrective action plans with a specified dateline.

Factory based consultancy service on total compliance implementation process:

In line with the existing services, BKMEA has initiated a consultancy program for developing overall compliance status in its members factories as well as other  non-members factories if the factory demands in exchange of minimal services fees. Within the service tenure, a factory is evaluated by competent experts comprising of Social compliance, Fire safety, Building integrity, Electrical Safety, Chemical safety as well as Environmental issues. Necessary suggestion is provided for document development & Policy support. Under this program, trainings for Skill development are provided to mid- level Management& Workers.

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Six Months Diploma course on “Social Compliance & CSR in RMG sector”

This course ascribes much importance to capacity building process, networking and policy framing issues, thereby building a specialized human resource for Bangladesh Knitwear sector. It also helps the trainees to gain required knowledge, skills, and competencies for becoming a compliance auditor as well as manager and manufacturers. With commitment to explicating Bangladesh Labor Law, Welfare Facility, Occupational Health & Safety, CSR, C-TPAT, HRM etc. thoroughly under the Diploma course, BKMEA uses professional training team to equip the trainees with all compliance related activities and action plans.

Till 2017 there are 8 batches completed this diploma course. In the upper table we can see that a total 252 students completed this course among them 177 are male and 75 are female.

Here we can see the male-female participation number for those courses.  

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