Factory Capacity Enhancement Cell


Factory Capacity Enhancement Cell (FCEC):For a safer Industrial Architecture and Structure


In 1980s when the last golden period of agriculture become pine, since then RMG sector emerged as the giant contributor in the economy of this delta land. For its overnight superb high rate success graph this sector now the princely skipper of the economical vassal of this riverine country, Bangladesh.

Various contemporary statistical researches cited that more than 80% foreign currency acquired by this sector now. Side by side 4.2 million people directly or indirectly involved in this industry. It’s likely fair that this core sector should be made safe according to industrial and structural criteria. It is not only our moral obligation, but also exigent for our economical existence.

Taking this into consideration, BKMEA launched “Factory Capacity Enhancement Cell (FCEC)”. The cell is enriched by appointed Civil Engineers-- adroit in their respective field---who are working for a better, environmental-friendly and safer industrial premise.

Who we are…

After “Rana Plaza” disaster there is a large question roaming about that the infrastructure of RMG sector in Bangladesh whether sustainable or not whereasthe real situation is,as a developing country there may have some flaws in entire infrastructural aspect. This perspective leads JICA to come forward to give low interest loan for ensuring structural safety (retrofitting, rebuildingand relocation) in RMG sector. By this time JICA agreed on MOU with BKMEA, BGMEA and Bangladesh Bank for whole project. BKMEA “Civil Engineering team” since October,2013 has been flourishing with structural suggestions and working extensively for the enhancement of the capacity of the member factories.

Core Strength:

  • The engineers of this cell have acquired their engineering degrees from different reputed universities of Bangladesh.
  • BSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering(CEE)from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Bangladesh.
  • BSc in Civil Engineering(CE)from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), Bangladesh.
  • Member of Institute of Engineers’ Bangladesh (MIEB), Bangladesh.
  • Associate Member of Institute of Engineers’ Bangladesh (AMIEB), Bangladesh.

To fulfill the future requirements, BKMEA arranged skill development programs or training opportunities for its Engineers such as
Training TitlesCertification Authority
Fire Safety

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),
Tokyo, Japan

Organized by Public Works Department (PWD),
Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),
Tokyo, Japan

Organized by Public Works Department (PWD),
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Train the Trainers Workshop for
Master Trainers”

on the Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH)

International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC ILO),
Turin, Italy

Organized byBangladesh Employer’s Federation(BEF),
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • All dealings relevant to JICA loan.
  • Assessing design, load calculation of the factories of the BKMEA members applying for loan to JICA or any other organization and cost estimation.
  • Verify relevant documents of civil engineering works and state of factory building of those who apply for BKMEA membership including the existing member factories.
  • To serve as mentors for the factories that want to make itself compliant in structure, work environment and labor policy.
  • Performing key role to face any kinds of environmemtal and structural project proposal acceptance.
  • To make any kind of structural,architectural,electrical,plumbing or lay out plan (newly or as built whatever it is) for propsed/existing factory buildings. 

Involvements with other cells in BKMEA:
FCEC of BKMEA inter-related or interacted with other cells by many ongoing projects, membership programmes, consultancy on safety anddifferent training programs like as

  • Green Industry Development Cell (GIDC),
  • Social Compliance Cell (SCC),
  • Fire Safety Cell (FSC),
  • Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC),
  • Reasearch &Development Cell (R&DC).

Specialized area of work for a Civil Engineer:
BKMEA nominated Civil Engineers play different roles to serve the Knitwear industry as well as the society:

Environmental (Civil) engineers focus on hydrology, water resources management, bioremediation, and water treatment plant design. It also includes
  • Ecological engineering, the design, monitoring and construction of ecosystems
  • Fire protection engineering, the application of engineering to protect people and environments from fire and smoke
  • Sanitary engineering, the application of engineering methods to improve sanitation of human communities
Geotechnical (Civil) engineering focus on:
  • Foundation engineering, the engineering of below ground foundations that support superstructures
Structural (Civil) engineering focus on:
  • Earthquake engineering, the behavior of structures subject to seismic loading
  • Wind engineering, the analysis of wind and its effects on the built environment
  • Architectural engineering, application of engineering principles to building design and construction

Scope/ Probable Services of FCEC:
The Civil Engineers of FCEC BKMEA provide the consultancy services on:

  • Pre-assessment of structural issues before assesment by any other organaization like Accord, Alliance, BUET etc for more accurate presentation of structural condition.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for new establishments
  • Approved Layout Plan drawing
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Structural Design
  • Plumbing & fire safety design
  • Effluent Treatment Plan(ETP)erection and maintenance
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP) erection and maintenance
  • Green Industrial Building context
  • Providing training on environmental and building safety to grow awareness.

Green Building Initiatives:
A green building is an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimize the total environmental impacts.The main strategies to achieve a green building include:
  • reduced energy consumption
  • water conservation
  • recycling waste

Well designed green buildings will save money, increase comfort and create healthier environments for people to live and work, using improved indoor air quality, natural daylight, and thermal comfort.

BKMEA always appreaciates green building initiative among its member factories and FCEC of BKMEA team  is passionate and capable enough to pursue any kind of green building initiative or project.